Wedding Thank You Cards

The wedding is over, finally you have time to browse through all the congratulations, the photos and the gifts you received. Of course, you would like to thank many people for the gifts, attention and congratulations at your wedding.

Here you are at "House Of Cards." You are exactly right place if you would like to design your wedding thank you. Choose from almost 100 designs and templates and create a personal thank you card that best shares your feelings.

Designing the Thank You card

1060/5000 You want an individual message on your thank you cards? How about your wedding vows? Keep these wonderful and emotional words and include them on your thank you cards after the wedding.

If you are unsure about the design, you should consider using the same basic design as your wedding invitations or your save-the-date cards.

Have you got your wedding photos? Look for the most beautiful or even a funny snapshot. Upload this photo through our design program and give your thank you card a very personal touch. Create memories on your self-designed cards, which are guaranteed to be preserved and lifted. Card prints, which you and the recipient 25 years later will be glad to bring out at the silver wedding.

Another suggestion for your wedding thank you cards:

Order 4-5 extra thank you cards, so you have a reserve in case of latecomers among your congratulations.

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